East Texas Babywearers was founded in January 2015. We serve as a support and education group to our local community to help make babywearing a more socially acceptable practice through awareness and promote the benefits of safe babywearing for the child and caregiver.

East Texas Babywearers supports our mission by hosting monthly informative meetings, initiating playdates and nurturing a community of fellow babywearers.

Our goal here at East Texas Babywearers is to become BWI (Babywearing International) affiliated to help further our cause by becoming a non-profit organization.

We are also hoping to start a lending library, so that carriers can be ‘checked out’ by members and they can get hands-on at home. In the meantime, we have a ‘learning library’ that attendees can try out at meet-ups, but are not available to take home.

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{ Leaders }

Chelsea Farnsworth — Co-Founder/Leader

Scarlett Mills — Co-Founder/Leader

{ Contact Us }

You can email us at etxbabywearers@gmail.com

Peace, love and babywearing,

ETX Babywearers